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How to use massage chair

Having your first Massage chair is quite exciting as you can’t wait to try it out and embrace it. After buying a massage chair first step is getting it assembled by a technician properly. When your massage chair is assembled and ready to use you might be thinking what should I do and which mode should be right for first try. Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here is our easy and general guide on how to use massage chair for first time. Because you may mess with some programs if you don’t know what to do. And that’s not a good thing at all.

Sitting in Massage chair:

  • So before turning on your massage chair sit in it and know your body properly. Where you are going to be positioned. Find a comfortable spot or if needed make some adjustments ( if available) . Make sure you are comfortable and follow these points.
  • Your back should be pressed firmly against the seat cushions.
  • Your position on head rest needs to be gentle and firm.
  • Your legs shouldn’t be cramped in. If it is you might need to extend the leg rest ( if adjustment is available and always buy chair which fits you)

How to use massage chair programs:

Once you adjust your massage chair with your comfortable spot. It’s time to turn on the chair. Press the power button on remote and wait for the programs appear on screen.

Almost every massage chair have different and plenty of massage mods in it. Such as kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu, percussion. All of these mode are automatically set to levels recommend by Professionals and adequate for good massage.

For first time use, You can choose any of the already available preset by remote. And can check which one is working for your body. Until you dig into more manual program adjustments.

When you decided to go with a massage mode select it. You can check your manual to better understanding of available automatic programs and how you can choose them. Once you select the massage mode and satisfy with it hit start button. Some advance massage chairs also have automatic time period of massage according to mode you select. But if your chair don’t have it don’t worry. You can choose the time period as well.

When you are done with settings, massage chair will start it’s working and recline  the back of chair and raising leg support resulting into more comfortable and relaxed position.

After adjusting the position massage chair’s sensory system will start detecting your body parts. Make sure your body keeps aligned during this process or otherwise system can skip some part of your body for massage. Once this procedure is done you will get indicator that massage is being starting.

Now enjoy your massage get relaxed. And when massage is done turn off the machine and exit it. You will gradually know your body in massage chair and then you can select more preferred modes.

Massage chairs offer manual modes as well so you can set your own mode for perfect massage.