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Record Store Day Drops- Saturday, August 29th

19 August 2020 No Comment

Record Store Day Drops- August 29th

Obviously, Record Store Day will be very different this year.  The following guidelines indicate how we will be managing the first Record Store Day Drop on August 29th.  

Vouchers will be distributed to customers in a spaced and masked line outside the store at around 9:30am.  A list of records will be available and a voucher will be issued for each item.  Submit your voucher to a Black & Read employee at a designated location and the employee will retrieve the items for purchase.  If preferred, you may leave the area and return with your voucher before 2:00 pm to purchase your selections.  We still limit one copy of each title selected during the first day.

Browsing for RSD items will not be available until after 2:00 pm on August 29th. The music side of the store will be limited to 20 customers at a time.  Once the threshold is reached, we will ask the RSD customers to remain outside until one of the other customers leave.

Online purchasing is not available for RSD items on the first day per our agreements.  However, we are able to put some of the remaining items on our square site the evening of August 29th.  To keep track of our inventory, the items can be purchased for pick up (including curbside) during the hours the store is closed (7pm-10am) and picked up the next day during store hours.

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